Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy

“Is our therapy conversation and work confidential?”

I am committed to maintaining professional ethical standards, which includes your right to confidentiality. With this commitment, you can feel freer to speak openly and know that you are in control of your therapy experience. We’ll review any of your concerns at our very first session.

“Will you be telling me what to do in counseling?”

I don’t have an agenda of telling you what your goals are or exactly how you have to achieve them. In fact, we’ll collaborate so that you can identify your most important goals.

I will introduce methods and tools so that you can succeed. I’ll help too with motivation to keep you on track.

But moving forward will not rely on my advice. In fact, successful therapy will include your new skills of self-care and empowerment.

“What are your specialties in counseling?”

I am trained, licensed and experienced to work with anxiety, anger, stress, depression and improving relationships. More key though is that therapy can help you improve the quality of your daily life. Read about me here, read reviews here, and get more information about some of the tools I use here.

“How do I pay?”

I do not take insurance. This is for many reasons.

  1. A threat to confidentiality. Taking insurance requires us to give you a formal diagnosis, and that goes on your health record. This is a risk to your confidentiality. I don’t believe anyone deserves a label just because they are going to therapy.
  2. Your diagnosis follows you. Other insurance companies will have access to your health records, and the label I’m forced to put down for your insurance will follow you.
  3. What I offer isn’t what insurance companies pay for. My sessions last 90 minutes, about twice as long as what insurance covers. This gives us time to connect, collaborate, and accomplish. Ultimately, the need to come to therapy may be shorter. (By the way, my clients tell me that the time flies.)
  4. Most insurance won’t pay for couples therapy.

Now, if you decide to see me but still want to use your out-of-network benefits, I can give you the forms you need so that you are able to receive reimbursement from your insurance carrier. You can also pay for counseling with FSA cards or your Health Savings Account.

“How do I get started?”

Call (914) 768-3740, or contact me through this website to set an appointment.

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