Westchester Therapy to Stop Panic Attacks

Westchester Therapy to Stop Panic Attacks

Panic attacks happen in your body and in your mind. They may take you by surprise, and mostly show up as physical symptoms. You might tremble, or feel dizzy, short of breath, a fast heart rate, sweating, and nausea.

And there’s terrible fear. You believe you might die, pass out, or go crazy.

Don’t Let Panic Attacks Take You Hostage

When panic or anxiety invades lives, it feels like parts of your world are taken hostage. And the ransom price for not having the attacks and getting your life back is steep. The price you might pay is avoiding things like:

  • Public places, trips, vacations, graduations, weddings, crowded malls, etc.
  • Being alone out of fear that you won’t get help
  • Exercise, sex, or other energetic activities
  • Driving

Sadly, if you do pay the ransom, things rarely change. In fact, the anxiety can get worse.

And when avoidance becomes the new “normal”, your relationships, work, school, and health all become vulnerable.

If you can relate to any of what’s above, please know that as of now you are not alone.

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Free Yourself from Panic Attacks

Studies show that the key to solving panic attacks is getting effective treatment. I am an experienced psychotherapist who uses proven methods to free you from this problem. There are three basic steps:

  1. You will learn exactly what is going on behind the panic attacks and how they happen. You’ll discover how fear is the main fuel for panic attacks.
  2. Learn new relaxation and calming techniques to help you avoid or get through an attack if they happen. For example, learning to slow your breathing can help you deal with a panic attack and can also prevent future attacks.
  3. Finally, I’ll teach you new ways to respond to the anxiety, and to change the beliefs that have you trapped in fear. These are powerful methods that help the fear dissolve and allow you to feel free and confident again.

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If you are not sure yet, please feel free to read reviews of my work here. And you can learn more about how panic attacks are treated and cured here. You an also view a message from me below.

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