Choosing Couples Therapy

Choosing Couples Therapy

Marriage and intimate relationships are never really perfect.

But when a cycle of hurt, anger, blame and loneliness takes over, the partnership becomes an unstable and emotional roller-coaster. Both of you might find yourselves often feeling resentful. There is an emotional distance that at best is neutral, and at worst feels like abandonment.

You might start saying to yourself things like:

  • “They don’t love me, they don’t even like me”
  • “They never listen, they never understand”
  • “How can they be so selfish?
  • “This marriage is over, why even try?”

The slippery slope to a rough marriage or partnership usually doesn’t happen overnight. It might even include wrong and hurtful behavior, like affairs or lying.

The question is then, do you continue to live in this cycle? Or do you end the relationship?

Or do you do something to make things better? Do you turn toward each other? To feel connected, safe, trusting and loved again.

Get Started NowGetting Better in Couples Counseling

At our very first session, I’ll help you address your goals and sort out how you feel about making your relationship good again.

If you choose to make things better, I’ll start by listening to you both intently, to get a deep understanding of your feelings and beliefs, and to make sure you both feel respected. I’m committed to not judging either of you or taking sides.

I will then guide you with proven methods to get past the habits that feed the cycle of hurt feelings and bad behaviors.

With the decision to make things better, we will collaborate to:

  • Decide what you need and want from your relationship
  • Untangle the confusing knot of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have made things so hard
  • Break the cycle of negativity that tears at your connection
  • Create new space for love, where you share and hear needs for closeness, trust and support
  • Solve and address problems that typically seemed too difficult or unsolvable

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Choosing Love

I believe that love and connection are as important as air, food and water. It’s needed to have a good life, and you both deserve that experience. If you are ready to try for greater happiness, connection and peace in your intimate relationship, I invite you to call me at 914-768-3740, or contact me through this site. You can also read reviews of my work here.

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