The Therapy Experience

The Therapy Experience

A counselor that listens closely and respectfully.

I try to “zero in” on how you feel and the reasons you feel as you do. Getting close to your experience is really the only way for a therapist or counselor to understand problems that have become overwhelming.

So our conversation is key. But it’s not just an “everyday” conversation. More than just listen carefully, you’ll hear questions and ideas that challenge old, self-limiting beliefs and ways of thinking. You can read reviews of my work here.

Our conversation is active.

As we talk, you’ll discover how older, painful ideas about yourself, your family, and the world at large are limiting you and causing emotional pain. As your counselor, I’ll teach you how to challenge these negative beliefs, and I’ll help you discover and experiment with new, more balanced ways of seeing the world and your part in it. All the while, we move at your pace.

That’s when solutions to problems begin to emerge. New ways of thinking and acting bring new feelings of confidence, peace, and new choices for managing your life.

In our counseling meetings, we focus on what’s important to you.

Together we discover your core needs and hopes, and look for ways to have those needs met in healthy relationships, with self and others.

I’d like to hear your story and discover how we might work together to make a difference in your life. Please call (914) 768-3740, or contact me through this website. Working together, you can have stability and success in your life and important relationships.

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