Freedom from Problem Anxiety

Freedom from Problem Anxiety

Everyone needs help when anxiety and stress seem to take over and become a problem. It might be triggered by work, health, family, money, or relationships. Or it could be something hurtful or traumatic from your past that won’t let go.

When worry, stress and anxiety are a problem it changes your life for the worse. You:

  • Can’t sleep at night, or sleep poorly
  • Worry all the time and feel like terrible things will happen (even when you aren’t sure what)
  • Dread getting up in the morning
  • Are more likely to get angry and frustrated with others
  • Fear traveling, being alone, or leaving your home
  • Avoid work, important relationships, or school
  • Feel forced to do actions and habits to make sure things are okay, or to just feel better

These are the kinds of thoughts you have when anxiety is a problem:

  • “I can’t get up today, it’s going to be awful and too much.”
  • “This will never work, why even try?”
  • “If this doesn’t go how I want, I’m totally screwed.”

If you can relate to some of all of this, as of now you are not alone.

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Fortunately, the different types of problem anxiety are all very treatable. Here’s how:

  1. In session I start by listening to you, to know as much as I can about what you are feeling and experiencing.
  2. Then, together we decide what your most important goals of therapy will be.
  3. And finally, I can support and care for you by using some or all of the following proven and powerful tools, depending on your needs:
  • Uncovering the thoughts and feelings behind the worry
  • Defeating and replacing thoughts that are overly negative or biased so that those thoughts and feelings lessen or just stop happening (the truth does set you free!)
  • Relaxation techniques to address tension
  • Gradual exposure (in real life, or just in your imagination) to images or things so the fear goes away
  • Gradual exposure to stressful situations and trying different responses to overcome avoidance

You can learn more about these methods by talking to me directly, or reading about them here.

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If anxiety, stress and worry have become problems in your life, you are not alone. I can help. Call me at (914) 768-3740 or email me for an office or phone consultation to discuss your options for feeling better and getting better. If you are not sure yet, please feel free to read reviews of my work.

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