Aaron Deri, LMFT

For almost 20 years, I've used powerful tools and methods to help my clients and couples get free from the grip of anxiety and depression, to connect to their world and each other. If you'd like more peace and fulfillment, call me today at 914-768-3740.

Reduce Anxiety

Intense feelings of anxiety and depression can take a heavy toll on your life. But those feelings are not permanent, and you are not alone. We have solutions that will help you feel and live better. Find out how.

Move Past Anger

When we’re carried away by anger, we’re left feeling ashamed, sad, and isolated. If your career, relationships, and health are at stake because of problem anger, consider getting support to feel and act better.

Heal Your Relationship

If you fear losing your marriage or intimate relationship, it may not be not too late. Together we can stop things from getting worse, and you can get closer, resolve problems and recover intimacy. Find out how.

A Few Words On

My Methods

Cognitive Behavioral
Attachment Theory
Exposure Therapy
Person-Centered Therapy
Changing belief patterns that are at the root of intense and difficult feelings.
Skills for awareness and acceptance to cultivate calm, compassion, and deliberate action.
Couples build new emotional bonds in session, lessen reactivity and increase intimacy.
Guided and incremental contact with feared situations to overcome anxiety and phobias.
Through being heard, validated, and well-regarded, growth and self-trust emerge.

what i treat


  • Problem Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Depression
  • Problem Anger
  • Trauma/Abuse/PTSD
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Anxiety Got You Spinning? 3 Ways to Ground Yourself Fast
Anxiety Got You Spinning? 3 Ways to Ground Yourself Fast

The triggers for overwhelming anxiety may be simple or complex. Yet before we can get to the root(s) of your panic or anxiety attacks, it’s helpful to start with “grounding techniques” to take the immediate edge off your anxiety.

Reviews for Aaron Deri, LMFT

I have been a work colleague for years and have referred many clients to Aaron. I know him to be insightful, clear minded and present with his clients. I would highly recommend him.

Jeri Johnson, LMFT

I would highly recommend Aaron. Aaron's sessions were a key turning point in my life. He has studied and worked with some of the leading psychologists in the field, but is still down to earth and genuine - and has an invaluable sense of humor.

Solvej T.

Aaron is a warm and caring professional who works tirelessly for his patients. He is compassionate and uses the best techniques personalised to the individual. I recommend him highly to anyone seeking an excellent and effective professional.

Aaron is by far the most professional and effective therapist out there. His kindness is only surpassed by his compassion. I recommend him highly to anyone in need of a wonderful therapist!

Angela P.

I have experienced a major reduction in anxiety and depression as a direct result of our work, without the use of medication. He has also opened countless doors and windows of personal growth for me. I would not be where I am today without him. Thank you for everything Aaron, I am forever grateful!

Ian R.

Aaron dramatically helped my now wife and I save our relationship and grow as individuals. We’ve referred several people to Aaron. He is genuinely kind, patient, compassionate, and interested in helping.

Dustin C.
Feel Better, Get Better

Counseling to Heal

Choose Love: Couples Therapy

Do you keep living in a cycles of hurt, anger, and loneliness? Or do you learn to turn toward each other? To feel connected, safe, and loved again.

Freedom From Problem Anxiety

Everyone needs help when anxiety takes over. Fortunately, problem anxiety is very treatable. I specialize in treating anxiety and providing that support and care.

From Depression to Hope

Feel heard and understood. Uncover the “who, what, where and when” of your struggle. Get support and guidance to emerge from depression and move forward.

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